• Elmbridge Holiday Cottages

    A website is a must of course for a business like this but showing potential visitors the true quality of the accommodation requires great images that can be showcased in the website. I built this site to do just that and more.

    There are still images and a gallery for each property, adding images is a simple process, even adding 10 new images in one go is possible without even editing them as the Content Management Systems does it all on the fly and sizes them accordingly.

    Adding a bespoke availability calendar module for each cottage gave them and their clients exactly what they required to make bookings seamless and up to date. That’s Managed in the CMS too, and it tracks customer details too.

  • Avonbridge Conservatories & Windows

    Ollie, owner of Avonbridge along with his Dad, is no slouch when it comes to websites. In fact for many years he built and maintained his own site.

    Ollie recognised that the internet and the importance of a good web presence was becoming much more sophisticated. When he made the change to allow someone else to build his website he wanted a developer who would truly listen and deliver way above what he could and had already achieved!

    He didn't need a Wordpress theme or template ... He could do that himself. He wanted and needed a bespoke build that was everything Google loves, future proof and swift to add to and update.

    Wagtail was the perfect solution, moving existing content over to the new site made seamless plus he kept the look he likes.

  • Visit Droitwich Spa Official Website

    Every town no matter how small or large needs a website. Tourism and locals alike now use the internet as their go to place to do everything, from booking accommodation, finding events or checking out what a place has to offer. VDS has it all. Events calendar, local history and information, business showcases for everything from hotels to restaurants and shops. The use of great imagery throughout the site a must to show off Droitwich and what it has to offer.

    Of course the flexibility of Wagtail is perfect for this constantly moving website. Making adding and updating everything like new pages, images and events easy.

  • Outline Clinic & Skincare

    Mary white owner of Outline Skincare knows the value of her website. Essential in her fast moving industry where new products and treatments are being launched all the time ... Potential clients want up to the minute reliable info.

    To not have the ability to update her website was not a good option .... But she loved the look.

    Simple .... Wagtails flexibility allowed her to keep the look all it’s content whilst giving her a smooth and swift content management system.Mary now has full access to update it herself and gets stuck in on a regular basis updating everything from pricing, treatments, products, photos and even adding pages.

    There’s a lot of pages in the site but Wagtail makes it easy to locate page content and quickly update it, without too much forward planning. If the update is more involved Mary can save the work she has done so far and come back later to finish it off and publish it live.

  • Crown And Trumpet Broadway

    Andrew owner at the Crown and Trumpet has been a client for a good few years now. In fact this is only one of three websites he has from us. He's in a fast moving business in a very competitive part of the world ... The Cotswolds ... So it's vital his sites are fresh and up to date plus well placed on Google.

    Technology moved on from the first sites we built for him .... After so many years I'm proud to say Andrew trusts us to do what we do. Telling him about Wagtail features and benefits .. He simply said do it.

    He's always loved his websites ... he'll tell you if he doesn't :-) But he is delighted with the improved and ease of updatability Wagtail has given him and his staff.