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You'll be able to update, amend and add pages and other content using the Wagtail CMS. We truly feel we have the best, easiest and agile content manager around. And we've seen a few!

Wagtail is a developers dream. It's not a one size fits all and allows me the flexibility to tailor the CMS for you. Making it swift and easy for my clients to do what they need to... Instead of a one size fits all, bloated and overloaded system. With the essential features built in there's no plug-ins or widgets required! It won't be a chore to keep your content rolling.

Wagtails pedigree is without question... Built by the very talented and very ethical folk at Torchbox the list of big names using it is testament to the quality of Wagtail... Google, NASA, Oxfam, NHS and more recently EBAY, just a few on the growing list of tens of thousands using this fabulous CMS.

It's the best CMS we've worked with... for us and our clients. But don't take our word... We'd love to demonstrate it to you.

Your Wagtail CMS

Wagtail is a leading open source CMS. Tens of thousands of organisations worldwide, including Google, NASA, and the British NHS, are powering their digital estates with Wagtail - here’s why.

  • Wagtail is a future-proof solution Wagtail is built in Python, the fastest-growing major programming language and 'the standard' for data science and machine learning.
  • Wagtail offers a rapid development environment Wagtail sites are cost-effective to build and easy to extend. It’s a natural platform for truly agile development.
  • Wagtail is secure Wagtail inherits Django’s strong approach to security (monthly security updates are a thing of the past).
  • Wagtail is easy to integrate with third-party tools Wagtail is well suited to integrate with your CRM and marketing automation platform, your ticketing and event management system and payment fulfilment system.

Wagtail Features

Wagtail is unique amongst content management systems. It’s a development environment that allows a developer like myself to build into the CMS any functions or features that will help a site owner or content managers to maintain the site going forward.


A super easy and flexible editing experience...

Build a mixed sequence of content types. Sounds interesting doesn’t it. If you've used any other CMS then I’m sure you have struggled to get content to line up successfully. Wagtail has a solution to this problem. With Streamfield a developer can create the interface in your CMS to make this as simple as filling a textfield and choosing some settings or other content like images.

Imagine needing to add a few paragraphs of text and you want the image to be aligned to the right and the text to flow around the image. Or lets says you have a more complicated requirement like 3 columns of text at a position in a page. A couple of custom Streamfield blocks produced during development can provide this kind of functionality for you to use easily.

Streamfield can also provide a solution for more complex needs like pricing tables, slideshows, google maps integration and so on.

Page Explorer

Quickly find pages you need to update...

Watail stores all pages in a tree format, similar to a family tree with home page at the top in most cases. Finding a page to update is as simple as drilling down the page tree to the page you need.

In other paces around the CMS that same drill down feature is available. But you can also use the built-in page search function to find pages too.

What’s really nice is when you are logged into your Wagtail website as an administrator and viewing a page you can click the smart icon to jump to editing the page right away.

Image Cropping & Re-Sizing

Really! You’ll Love this...

If you already have a CMS for your website I bet you’ve had problems with images not fitting into the layout when you add them. Not any more with Wagatil.

With image re-sizing and built in you never have to worry about editing images to fit the page before you upload them. During development we define the size or sizes an image should be when viewed on the website and Wagtail ’makes‘ the image on the fly and saves an optimised version of any image you upload and use in a page.

It's a super time saving feature for a photo gallery as multiple sizes of images are needed to drive slideshows or have popups for larger image views. You don’t even have to decide on the image sizes yourself, just use the image manager to upload the image right of your camera and Wagtail handles the rest, producing fast loading images that are already cropped and re-sized.

You also have control to influence Wagtail directly in the image manager where it crops images for you, without resorting to using Photoshop or similar software. Like around a persons face to tell wagtail that it’s an important part of an image and should not be cropped out.

Multiple Image Upload

Super fast image uploading and sorting...

You can upload images one at a time or you can upload a whole load in one go in the Image Manager.

It’s as simple as selecting a group of images on your computer and dragging then all to the upload panel. The upload happens in the background and as each image is uploaded you have the chance to give it a title and add it to a group (folder) if needed while the other images complete their upload. There’s no waiting around...

Just as you can search for a page in your site you can also search for images by title in the Image Manager.

Page Revisions

Prefer the old version of a page? Just bring it back online again...

But it’s more than that really... If you want to change the content of a page it’s really easy to dive in and do just that. Wagatil’s editing experience follows a set sequence... choose a page to edit... make some changes... preview the changes... when your happy publish the page.

Every now and again you might want a snippet of text from the previous version of the page. All is not lost as you can view the content from a previous version and copy that content back into the new version. You can even re-publish the whole page.

Each time you make changes to pages an archive version is saved which you can view to see the differences. We also keep track of who made the changes if you have multiple admins for your website.

Content Editor / Account Permissions

Lock down your site content and allow only certain admins to make changes.

The accounts and permissions system is extensive, we can build you a site so multiple content editors can work on it, at the same time too!

It’s really fine gained and flexible with group settings and individual account settings available. It even includes a workflow senario if that’s what you need.

As an example: lets you your company has a photographer on staff who typically shoots product images and then sends them to marketing to be published on the website. Why not give the photographer admin access and allow just image upload access to a predefined folder. Marketing admins could then move images they want to use to their folders and publish them to the website.

Using a workflow, site editors can produce new pages. As they can’t publish directly they send the page for moderation by an account holder who can approve the page and publish it.

Of course you don’t have to work this way and even with a single login you can easily manage pages and publish content yourself.


A central place to see recent page edits and more...

Have pages that you change regularly on your website? The moment you login to the CMS you see the dashboard page which lists the most popular pages that are updated. You can choose a page and go to edit mode right away.

A really nice feature of Wagatil CMS is the chance to save page edits as you do them as drafts. Saving a page while editing it doesn’t published the content to the website so visitors can see it, that only happens when you choose Publish. Pages you have recently edited but not published are also shown on the dashboard so it’s easy to come back later and finish it off.

Image & Document Library

Wagtail can help you with image and document management.

Right out of the box, Wagtail offers an Image Management area which also works for documents like Brochures, Price Lists, Forms and so on...

The document manager works in a similar way to the image manager. You can upload and sort various categories of documents and what‘s really exciting is you can offer these documents as downloads form anywhere in your website.

It’s also possible to make some documents available only to people with a password. So for example, if you have a customer base that needs access to your pricing but you don’t want it published generally you can lock down dcomments and prevent unorthorised access.

Wagtail Is Extendable & Future Proof...

Wagtail is full of features right out of the box but it's also extendable by a developer who can build editing interfaces and data storage to suit your requirements. It's built with Python & the Django Framework and can be extended over the life of the site and be integrated with may other python packages when the need arrises.

A short list of other feature available form that start include:

  • Online Form Builder
    Contact forms, survey forms, order forms...
  • Create Tables Of Information
    Pricing lists, technical specifications, events listing...
  • Intelligent Copy & Paste
    Copy text from your word documents, PDF's or spreadsheets right into your new website...
  • Multisite Support
    Use one Content Management Systems to manage multiple websites...
  • Sitewide Settings
    Update information once in one place that appears in multiple parts of your website...
  • Integrates With Other Python/Django Apps
    Fetch and save data to an from other business apps...
  • Flexible Page URL’s
    Make your sites page urls meaningful, clean, simple and short for maximum Search Engine Optimisation
  • Automatic Sitemap Generation
    A very important part of SEO, Wagtail maintains a site map for search engine robots automatically.

Any Questions? or Want A Demonstration...

Can’t see a feature you need?

Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ve built many Wagtail sites now and have probably done it for someone else but of course your requirements may be bespok and we’d love to help you achieve it.

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