Python dependency version checker


Clone this repository: to a suitable location on your computer.


  • Only works if the app is using a Dockerfile that uses poetry to manage dependencies.



poetry install
poetry run start
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Enter the url for your repository and set any options where the default isn't right for your app.


Options can be passed in as command line arguments or enter them when prompted.

poetry run start --help

--repo-url - The URL of the repository to clone/check
--branch-name - The branch to checkout [master]
--docker-file-name - The name of the Dockerfile to inspect/use [Dockerfile]
--docker-file-location - The location of the Dockerfile to inspect/use relative to the repository root [./]
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How it works

  • It will clone the repository and checkout the specified branch
  • It will then inspect the Dockerfile to find the python image version and poetry version used
  • It will then build a new image based on the Dockerfile image and export the dependency list using poetry export -> requirements-frozen.txt
  • It will then compare each dependency version in requirements-frozen.txt with the latest version on PyPi
  • It will then output the results in the console and indicate if there are any outdated dependencies and/or manual checks required
Dependency checker console output

Example console output